Thursday, December 10, 2009

Secret Sister

Well for secret sister time it was a reveal and so I ordered her some goodies and it came in a ziplock bag like , not pretty so I made a Diaper fold pocket to put her goodies in and She liked it ..Wasnt my best work but i was sick as the time ...

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Coffee Cardigan

I made a green one as well there too cute haha

Okay so Im a coffee Hound and I know out there in the world there are others haha
So when I saw this Coffee Cardigan I knew I had to make it mine altho I think I will like it better in solid colors and in person its really cute just like a sweater ..So this was my first ..and if anyone out there in blog land likes let me know as I think Im gonna sell these babies..haha

Pretty good for my first ...picture doesnt do it justist and I didnt have a nice cup either ahha

Spinner Cards

So these are the spinners I made after getting inspiration from Debbie Olsen ( she rocks in my book lol) and so I taught a class on this and also made 8 for our grandkids and actually hubby helped as it was raining and he had nothing to do ..So I knew then he was ripe for the pickin hahahah..I love these cards ...
Go see Debbies Blog you will be thriiled
Oh and Yes I made those bows myself ..Yikes I never done that before but they came out fine all 8 of them wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

So here is the Upclose and personal of my rudy and ginger bread man ..I used stickles in the middle of bow , and icing parts of ginger boy and rudys bow tie..

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Post it Notes 2

So a lady at one of my classes loved my holder and so she wanted one with this Moose so I am to please ..and it did she was Soooooooo pleased she ordered 3 more I will post them later ...I colored with my copics ...I dont know where the moose came from as I have had him for years ..

Heres the Uplose version and I forgot to make clouds I use chalk ..

Hope you like
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Post It Note Holders

This is my post it note holder I made with High Hopes stamps I think they are so waaaaaay cute ..I got directions for this holder from a girl online and now her name excapes me Ill write it in later ..I have brain fog ahhah
I used red stickles for the wagon as I always wanted a brand new sparkly wagon when I was little and Never got one " Sniffle Sniffle "
I colored with my copics On the Angel Companys Ultra Smooth Cardstcok ..I love how it turned out ..

This is the inside of the holder and the upclose version ...The inside has a Pen and a 2 post it notes and a Pocket for stamps or whatever ..

hope you like and if you have any questions please ask .
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Snow Globe

Okay so this is quick as im sick ..but i cant stay in bed when I have the body achs YUCKY waiting to take some Nyquil and Im sure you really wanted to know all this ...LOL
anyway the pattern for this is at splitcoast and I think its just the cutiest and I have another Idea on it I will show later , its not a biggie , but maybe someone will give me ther oppion haha
I colored the penquin with my copics ...and used stickles on top for snow and inside snow I put it thru the cuddle bug with the swiss dots ...
It looks scratched or something on the front but its not ...

So here again is the upclose and inside of the card .Believe me I used alot of stickles on the top of the card but it looks so cool in real life ..and probally if this wasnt my first one I probally would of made the stickles more smooth as Im picky like that hahaha..On the penquins hat the ball i used liquid applique ..and words I used are from the Angel Company ..if you spend 30.00 you can can buy this cutie patootie set for 2.99 ..

Hope you liked this card as much as I do and want to make one for your self ..
Hugs Diana

Monday, November 16, 2009

Paper Clips

This is Just a quickie I thought I would share with you ..a friend of mine at the church I use to go wanted me to make her some paper clips when she saw mine and so here they are ....

I love the animal faces I found those on another ladies blog ..."Chick and Scrath "
I love to make them ..
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No Stamping Required

Hey Im back again ..Sorry again it takes me so long ..But I guess thats the way things roll around here ya know ...
Anyway in my blog hopping I ran across this lady that sells SU and does differnt things with punches and this was one of them , her bog is " Wunsapona Time"..Isnt he TOO CUTE ..??
I love him and so ill teach a class on him next month ..Just in time for christmas ..
I will be making these for my Grand daughter ..

Sooooooooooooo this is the opening of the box ..Not big , but you can put Gift card in and candy or stamps and some markers ..Also my hubby made me a template for a bigger square box ...Its nice to have someone know what there doing..

Hope you like this any questions LMK
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Class

Hey Everyone ..Well My first class at the RED BARN went well and so they wanted another one and there like me , They like things that Move and Pop and shake hahah
so I decided to make this POP UP card .They wanted Christmas Cards so her it is ..It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do ..But finally I did and the class is next week so I am cutting it close YIKES!
I use my Kaleidacolor Stamp pad in the blues and stamped the Frosty the Snowman saying ..and of course I had to sing along with it ..And so did my dogs , or were they barking at my sining Hummmmmmmmmmmm ...." Wink WInk"
The I stamped and cut out my snowman and colored him with my copics and use stickles on his cuff and POP him up on pop dots and I stamped the holly on patterned paper and use stickles for the berries and cut out and POPED up on Dots as well ...Used my mathra stwert punch on the bottom paper ...I really love it .

This again is the upclose and personal version ..hahaha

Hope they like it as much as I do
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Where Have I Been

Okay so I didnt realiaze how time has whiped by ...But it has ...So I guess Im not a very good blogger and I must make note to self to be better
This is another card I put in the RED BARN to sell ..I used the Alota Stamps and Colored with my copics .I am loving these ..I can never go back to anything else ..
I do love how this card came out ..

This is the Upclose of my card ..You cansee I used yellow stickles for the wings...

Well I know this was short ..any questions please feel free to ask ..
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Sunday ..I Today im showing a card I made with a digi image and I love these girls ..I cant remember where I got it , but when I do Ill put it on my blog ..I know i have it somewhere as I want to go back and see when she puts new ones up ..Now I wouldnt give up my Stamps EVER , but i find this fun once in awhile to get and you get it instantly .
I colored her with my copics and the butterfly is from stampin up die cut,I also wanted the shadow effect on it , so I added black butterfly die cut under neath and I just love this paper from Basic grey ..I love to get those little 6x6 pads ..There great for cards
I also use prima flowers from Hobby Lobby and some spacers and a leaf die cut from Stampin up as well .Also some flower soft in the middle of the flowers .Then hummmmmmm I guess thats it ..

Heres the up close version of my card ..

In side of my card ..Just simple and done with Stickers that i havent used in years ..I find this is a good way to use them ...

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Possums

So here is a card I put at the Red Barn to sell I love these guys and when I saw this stamp I knew I had to have them as If you read a few months ago and saw I had some Bad Bad Possums underneath our home and BELIEVE me they are not so cute ..
I had fun coloring these ..It didnt come with the base of the tree so I had to make one as I wanted a more finished look ..Hubby didnt like the the paper, BUT I used It anyway hehehe , In person its so much better ..Sorry the pictures are'nt better ..
I used my copics ..and embelleshed with buttons and ribbion ...thats about it..

Here is the upclose of my Possums

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Secret Sisiter

This is a card I made for my NEW secret DIVA ..YOu send two cards a month to each other and then at the end reviel who you are , too fun..
I used a Sarah Kay image ( which I LOVE LOVE LOVE ) and I did some embossing by hand and Some cutting out by hand on the right hand side of my card ..Some sparkle was added with some small rehinstones ..I love this card so much that I made another one to sell at the Red Barn and plan on doing this more in the future with more of my cards ..I got so inspired by Jerri and her cards ( Which will totally blow your mind ) Over at the " Touch OF Grace "
theres the link ...You will go crazy for her stuff..
Anyway I decided I wanted to use those stenicls on my cards and marry them together ..
Let me know what you think ?? I always love input , weather good or bad .Makes me a better stamper

Here is my upclose shot

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Work Shop at the Barn

This is the WONDERFUL nice place to have sandwitches and soup and the BEST pastrys EVER !!!...
Anyway they ( being the onwner Marri and her Mother Theresa) asked me to give a workshop On the 14th Of Oct ...and Of couse I was EXCITED ..and they also aske me to display some cards to sell ...I was overwhelemed with joy and a tinch of fright ..But anyway needless to say im working my butt off tying to make cards and kits for my demo ...So ill start showing some of the cards I have dislayed for sale..
Input welcome ..

Okay I hope you can see the images below ..they are the rack for my cards to be displayed , made by my Hubby Vinny's simple but quite cute ..he has arrows threw the pole and thats what hangs my cards and mid way is the rack so I can display other things I might make ...
Nice to have a handy man hahaha

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

MIss Maggie

So what would the farm be without our baby maggie ...Okay shes not a baby anymore she about two years old a Pigmy Goat so she is small ..when we moved here we didnt have a Lawn mower and we had two acres to mow and we were broke ...(We lived in the Co mountains before so we didnt need a mower hahaha)So when your in this situation what should you do ??? of couse get a goat ..hahaha NOT! this girl is so spoiled ,,and have you ever seen a man walk his Dog and Goat at the same time ? well thats what happens her , Maggie loves her daddy and he built her what I call the Goat Condo tell me she isnt spoiled ...

Hugs and Smiles

Cow Babies feeding

So okay we have to start with FARMER VINNY show you how big the bottles are even tho he didnt smile , hes kinda cute ...not the cows Vinny hahaha
If it werent for him and the hard work he does we wouldnt have are cows cuz im a wossie girl hahaha ...
anyway we had to feed them EACH two bottles morning and night and ONE in the Afternoon ..WOW! but now there Finally ready for Hay and Grain ...YIPPY ! cheaper ..

NOw arent these the cutiest faces EVER! you can tell im a proud Mama hehehe

Double fisted feeding hahaha This isnt easy ..believe me but someone had to take the Picture ...If you ever seen cows feeding off there mom they hit her utter and might I add very hard and so they do the same thing on the bottle and if your not holding on you will loose the bottle and get thrown back ...on your keester hahaha

Hope you enjoyed the photos
Hugs and Smiles

Other Card for Secret Sister

This is a Quickie ..I added this card as well in my Secret Sister package ...It was made out of an envolpe ( Long One ) that I sealed and I cant remember who it was I saw this from , but one of the blogs I visist all the time ...
You seal it , cut off the top and border punch the top ....and out of the top is a card I made and inserted ...I forgot to take a picture of that ...
The Girl stamp ( which I love ) is from the Angel Company which I sell for , If anyones interested ...
colored with copics ...
hope you likey ..

Thanks for stoping by
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Secret Sister Thank You

Okay so here is the Last card for my Secret Sister ..And the truth is all along we knew who each other were do to some unfortuate circumstances ...But it all turned okay as we decided to just continue on our own ..and I made a GREAT ! new buddy ..
so this was to be the thank you card ...
Thanks Jackie for being a good friend now and wonderful Secret Sister you spoiled me ..heheheh
So I love this card as well ..I loved the papers and again going outside my comfort zone , cuz if I had it my way everything would be Blue hahaha
I learn how to make some new flowers out of rickrack and so I used felt rickrack which now I dont remember where I got it , but wish I did ..I loved it and I think they came out pretty good ..made butterflys from Martha Stwert Punches ...Colored with Copics ...

Thanks for stopping by
Hugs and Smiles Diana

Heres my close up to add so everyone can look closely at my mistakes ..hahaha

Danas B-day Tilda

Okay so Its my Buddys B-day and I had already made a Alota card for her ..But then i realized she wanted a Tilda ...My buddy is SPOILED you know who you are and you know you are silly girl I did this card for her and she was thrilled and Im so happy she like it and hope you do as well ...I love to color so this gave me so much to do and I love putting other stamps together as well ...Too fun ...

Below is the upclose of my card ...I used a few different stamps here and Alot of masking ...Tida stamp , bench from Wiff Of Joy , Dog from the Angel Company and Ballons from I dont remember where hahahaha ..I also used many differnt copics and in colors Im not use too was nice not to be in my comfort zone ..I love this paper Bloom to grow ....the colors are wonderful ...

So here is the inside of the card ...Simple but still nice I think ...

Hope you enjoyed
and please tell others to stop by
Hugs and Smiles

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank YOU Gift For Secret Sister

So Secret Sister is Over and I got this WONDERFUL gift from mine with Lovely paper Packs and Goodies , so I wanted to say thank you I sent her some Angel Company Stamps and this Thank you card which I use two Different Stamps ...One is Tilda with Bird ..the other was a corner stamp Im not sure where I got it ...I thought they looked good together ....Colored with my copics and added Flower soft to the Center of the flowers and I think I like it ..hehehe I also added some dew Drops in the corner ...All in all Im pretty pleased , Not bad for a NEW Farm gal HUH hahaha

This is the Up close ...

I got this pattern From a lady in Germany and I cant remember her name ...But she had the instructions in German , But i figured it out cuz the Score pal she used and the pictures ...So I made this and gave it to my secret sister with small stamps in it , Decortive Edge cutters and other goodies ..I think it came out better thatn the picture did haha ..The Girl on the front is a Sugar Nellie that I colored with my copics and cut with my nesties ...

Hope you enjoyed my cards today
Hugs and Smiles

Babies Up CLose & Personal ")

Okay so Im a proud MOMMY ..I just love them ..I thought yesterday tho I was gonna give up .trying to get them fed was a crazy mess ...They wouldnt eat , no matter what we did ..Then Finally they drank a whole bottle ..Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew ...My back hurt so bad it was crazy ...
Okay so today was a snap and so fun to feed they took to it like a duck to water and were really hungry made me feel good to see them eat ..they were too skinny , but what should I expect them just being hatched ( Hummmmmmmmm is that right hehehe)
Okay so now I know when a Dairy guy asked me what kind of Cow I want I know to say a Gurnsey thats the Brown one name BUSTER my baby ...and the Black and white one is a HOLSTEIN ..that is CHECKERS my hubbys ...
To tell you the truth tho I would probally say again I want a brown one hhehehe

This is "CHECKERS" my hubbys baby ..He wont come out much of his hut ..I think he feels safe in there...

Below Is my "BUSTER BEAR" cow babie up close and Personl ..Reminds me of a Deer, dont he ??

This is a Picture ( Not a Great Picture ..Of the bottle we have to use to feed them ..They drink about 3 each a day ...Too fun .

HOpe you enjoy My Babies as MUch as I enjoy Shareing ...DOnt forget below I added some more cards ..
Hugs and Smiles

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We HAd Babies !!!!

Okay So Today we went and Got our babies off the Farm YIPPY !!!! They are both like
a day old and so we will have to Bottle feed them ....
So here I am a CITY girl ..waaaaaaaaaaaaaay City Girl and well you would of laughed at me big time if you saw me ..They asked me what kind I wanted and I said I wanted a BROWN one ..Well I guess those ole farmers thought that was funny ...But I got what I wanted ..hehehehe ...He is so cutie Patootie and when our eyes met and I knew it was Love hahaha ..So we get Home and Vinny takes the brown one out ( we dont have names for them Yet ) and took it to the fenced area we have and left me in the back with the other one...No biggie , Im bigger than this old baby , Right ?? well it started Bucking and running and mooing and I had a leash on it and was Yelling to Vince to get back here ...I cryed like a Baby ..Okay I didnt cry , but it was funny ..I just didnt want anyone to drive by and see me trying to handle a little baby cow ...
I know ill be the Talk of this Town ..But you have to admitt ..There Cute ...
Ill show the bottle later and face close ups you gotta see them ..
thanks for letting me share
Hugs and Smiles