Friday, January 29, 2010

No Valentines But Look !!!

So can you believe this is happening ..we went out today and Almost didnt get home cuz there was a head on collision and closed the only road we know to get home for 10 hours ..But luckly we were told how to get around it , in the boonies and stuff and made it home where we are cozy with our little baby dogs , cozyed up and hot chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven ummmmmmmmmmmm ..So now im happy ..
Our two big Boys ...( Brown is Buster Black and white Checkes) in the snow ..They are covered but dont seem to mind it much ..

So heres ole Buster the cow and Sasha our Big girl..out braving the weather ..But sasha loves it .She's always been a snow dog ..I think she misses Co as much as I do ..

Our Truck and home

Thought Id share , Hope you are warm
Hugs and Smiles

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine Sweeties

Okay so I dont usually do Valentines ..But when I saw these Digi Images From Karens Doodles I knew I had two get them ..One set is the Boy and Girl and the other is the Turtle and thanks to my new Adobe Photoshop 7 I was able to merge the images together ...Thanks to "Hog Wild About Stamping " and her wonderful U-tube Video On how to do it step by step ..It was great ..
Anyway I love how it turned out .they are Just too cute for words ...
Now I know I dont post that much , its because i Feel I guess nobody comes but if you do LMK and then Ill post more ..
Also IM gonna open a Esty shop I think and sell my cards so if your interested Email me ..
I also Have some stamps Im gonna sell for a steel lmk if you want to know what they are ..

As always Up Close and Personal Shot ...

Well theres the info ..thanks for coming By
Hugs and Smiles

Finally Valentines

So a friend of mine called up one day and said she was gonna have her Grand daughter over and wondered if I would teach them a class ..Normally I dont do very good on short notice , but im pretty proud ..This came out kinda nice and I know I had fun doing it with them her Grand daughter is very sweet ..

My Upclose And Personal Version haha

Hugs and Smiles

Shawl For a Buddy

So a Friend of Mine ..A pen pal was going into the Hospital and I know thats a scarey thing so for her Christmas Present I made her this ...She calls it her teddy bear I guess ..Its cosey, and really soft ..Now I wont tell you that my Hubby had to fashion it for me to take a picture of it ...Too funny ..Opps I guess I did I tell you .." wink , wink" but i cut his head off so nobody could see him thats gotta count ..He can still go out in Public ..hehe

Hugs and Smiles

Cookies are Late I know

Okay so I know it's january ...But I never Make cookies and I did this Last Christmas and sence we have no family I thought I wanted someone to see them hahah
so your it ..We made tons and sent them to Vinces work ect ..
Okay Im done ,,I showed and I told haha

Hugs And thanks for letting me share