Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shawl For a Buddy

So a Friend of Mine ..A pen pal was going into the Hospital and I know thats a scarey thing so for her Christmas Present I made her this ...She calls it her teddy bear I guess ..Its cosey, and really soft ..Now I wont tell you that my Hubby had to fashion it for me to take a picture of it ...Too funny ..Opps I guess I did I tell you .." wink , wink" but i cut his head off so nobody could see him thats gotta count ..He can still go out in Public ..hehe

Hugs and Smiles


Trudy Osborn said...

What a great gift! I have been doing some knitting, sewing, and crochet lately, and not quite as much stamping

Jacklyn said...

This is to funny!!!!! Nice to meet you Vinny!

DanaBee said...

Ok I love the shawl and I'm very cold and my shoulders hurt I could use that right now.