Sunday, July 5, 2009

MIss Maggie

So what would the farm be without our baby maggie ...Okay shes not a baby anymore she about two years old a Pigmy Goat so she is small ..when we moved here we didnt have a Lawn mower and we had two acres to mow and we were broke ...(We lived in the Co mountains before so we didnt need a mower hahaha)So when your in this situation what should you do ??? of couse get a goat ..hahaha NOT! this girl is so spoiled ,,and have you ever seen a man walk his Dog and Goat at the same time ? well thats what happens her , Maggie loves her daddy and he built her what I call the Goat Condo tell me she isnt spoiled ...

Hugs and Smiles

Cow Babies feeding

So okay we have to start with FARMER VINNY show you how big the bottles are even tho he didnt smile , hes kinda cute ...not the cows Vinny hahaha
If it werent for him and the hard work he does we wouldnt have are cows cuz im a wossie girl hahaha ...
anyway we had to feed them EACH two bottles morning and night and ONE in the Afternoon ..WOW! but now there Finally ready for Hay and Grain ...YIPPY ! cheaper ..

NOw arent these the cutiest faces EVER! you can tell im a proud Mama hehehe

Double fisted feeding hahaha This isnt easy ..believe me but someone had to take the Picture ...If you ever seen cows feeding off there mom they hit her utter and might I add very hard and so they do the same thing on the bottle and if your not holding on you will loose the bottle and get thrown back ...on your keester hahaha

Hope you enjoyed the photos
Hugs and Smiles

Other Card for Secret Sister

This is a Quickie ..I added this card as well in my Secret Sister package ...It was made out of an envolpe ( Long One ) that I sealed and I cant remember who it was I saw this from , but one of the blogs I visist all the time ...
You seal it , cut off the top and border punch the top ....and out of the top is a card I made and inserted ...I forgot to take a picture of that ...
The Girl stamp ( which I love ) is from the Angel Company which I sell for , If anyones interested ...
colored with copics ...
hope you likey ..

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Hugs and Smiles

Secret Sister Thank You

Okay so here is the Last card for my Secret Sister ..And the truth is all along we knew who each other were do to some unfortuate circumstances ...But it all turned okay as we decided to just continue on our own ..and I made a GREAT ! new buddy ..
so this was to be the thank you card ...
Thanks Jackie for being a good friend now and wonderful Secret Sister you spoiled me ..heheheh
So I love this card as well ..I loved the papers and again going outside my comfort zone , cuz if I had it my way everything would be Blue hahaha
I learn how to make some new flowers out of rickrack and so I used felt rickrack which now I dont remember where I got it , but wish I did ..I loved it and I think they came out pretty good ..made butterflys from Martha Stwert Punches ...Colored with Copics ...

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Hugs and Smiles Diana

Heres my close up to add so everyone can look closely at my mistakes ..hahaha

Danas B-day Tilda

Okay so Its my Buddys B-day and I had already made a Alota card for her ..But then i realized she wanted a Tilda ...My buddy is SPOILED you know who you are and you know you are silly girl I did this card for her and she was thrilled and Im so happy she like it and hope you do as well ...I love to color so this gave me so much to do and I love putting other stamps together as well ...Too fun ...

Below is the upclose of my card ...I used a few different stamps here and Alot of masking ...Tida stamp , bench from Wiff Of Joy , Dog from the Angel Company and Ballons from I dont remember where hahahaha ..I also used many differnt copics and in colors Im not use too was nice not to be in my comfort zone ..I love this paper Bloom to grow ....the colors are wonderful ...

So here is the inside of the card ...Simple but still nice I think ...

Hope you enjoyed
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