Saturday, April 26, 2008

MY Stamped Garden Rock

Okay so my hubby has all the talent with his rocks Freehand ...BUt ! I think I do pretty good with my ANGEL STAMPS ....of course I had to paint the grass and I even for the water used a Crystal Laqure ...can you belive it ...who would of thunk it works on rocks ..LOL Im so amazing Faintsometimes I DO get a thought ..LOL

Okay here it is hope you like it .. This is for you Miss Trudy ..I know this was one of your favorite stamp sets ...enjoy ..let me know what you all think .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

MY Hubby , Yet Again

Spaz So here we are yet again ..and my Hubby is amazing me more and more ...I think we might have to start his own blog...So His Daughter Heather sent him Pictures of her Doggies and he painted them with ease ..I believe he has found his calling ...who would of thunk it ..

Here are the pictures she sent.....

Then on One rock is his painting .....

Now it's a little foggie around the edges , cuz i scanned this big ole rock sence my camera isnt working at this time ...But you can tell how wonderful it is ...We decided to go to the Swap meet and see if anyone wants him to paint for them there animals for yard art ...30.00 for one 50 for two ..what do you think ??let me know ...also he'll do yours as well ...
Darn guy ...what talent .. Blowing Bubble Hey Heather let us know what you think about how good your Daddy is ...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

So I have this one and only friend I made out here and she has been sicky for awhile , well since Christmas , with her sinuses and so she finally had to have surgery I made yet another Card and I love Jewish Sayings so the card reads on front ...Oy-Vey ...and on the inside it reads " Enough with the Sick Already " I thought that was appropriate sence she has been sick so long ..Stamp used by ' Stampin Up " I know I need to use my wonderful Angel Shy Whistler Stamps ..I just didnt have anything on hand ..Anyway I thought it was cute and the saying is from Ruths , dang something I 'll have to get back on that one bad ,,Shy Whistler

MY Hubby's Got Talent

Okay so I had told you we we're painting rocks ..well my husband has been doing more of that than me ..and well I couldnt believe this last one ..

He just looked at the pictures of my two poodles , Bunni -Bear ( white ) and Boo-Boo( gray/black) and just painted them ..they are so good I had to show and tell..

so here is the picture he took it from ,Well 2 actually ..The only difference is Bunni ( white ) is much smaller but in the reg. Picture she looks bigger cuz its a close up ..
well I had to show off my hubby , now back to stampin ...LOL

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mother's Day Card

So look at me go ...I guess theres no stopping me now ...Yep I made a Mothers day card you know im not great at the card thing , im better at ATC's But i saw something like this on anothers blog ...sorry I forget who ...and then tweaked it here and there and made it my own , and im NEVER on time ..Guess I will bet this time ..

Then I have been wanting to Make a Dry Erase board using our lids that our stamps come in ...Idea from A Great Angel Heather should go to her Blog , but you'll be there foreveer as she is very talented ...

ANd so I made one that kinda matched my mothers Card , so guess Ill give that to her as well ..I had so much fun making it and hope she likes it ..I plain on making more ...'

Thanks Heather....

Okay and here is my little Dry erase Board I made with the tiny GWP boxes ..or it can be tages ...what ever but they come out so cute ..Boy that Heather is one smart Cookie Clapping Hands...

Okay so I played yesterday ...It's great that im starting to feel better now that I have my sleep apnea machine and there changing Anti- Anxiety and depression Meds ..I feel like im awake now ..and Believe me that is so forgein to me ..
So .I made this little gift envolpe Im giving to a person Im going to meet soon and thought it would be a nice how-de-do to have a little something for her ...
These are so fun and easy to make just need one envolope and lick it closed and cut with your scolloped scissors and cut about 1/4 of the way down ..and then on the bottom I trim Just a tinch off the top of the bottom part as it will have the other side of the scollop ..
decorate and then crimp the bottom of the envolope only and the top will fit right on ..
Ya know it's all in the presentation Girl With GumDont ya think ???

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Alis Birthday Card

Scrapbooking Well Im not really great with cards ...but i do believe this one came out great ..Im so excited and Im on time for once ..Yeah for me ...This is Ali's card our Grand baby in Co.

I used The Angel Companys " Ice Cream" stamp set , and also out Ulta-smooth White Cardstock , then I had to try our crop-a-dile and it's Wonderful ..I squeezed to hard and you dont have too just a little squeeze goes along way , and if you have a party right now of 100.00 or more you can get the Crop-a-dile for half price ..Cant beat that and sometyhing else like the 'Bind- It-ALl , or the Score -Pal ....Anyway with a stamp this cute how can you make a bad card HUH?? Oh I also used Liquid Applique for the Whip topping on the Ice Crean Sunday and banana Split ..
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALI...Happy Birthday

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April ATC's

Spaz Hurray ..I got something more done ...Here are my new atc's using The Butterfly Swirls Stamp from the Angel company in our Spring Suppliment and also Wonderful day , also from the angel company ..The backround for the butterfly was done using the K-pad and Alcohol and ya know I sprinkled a little salt on there as well ..and when it dryed it wasnt dark enough for me so I dumped the salt and and did the whole process again ..


Then crazy me got tired of the Bryer so I just got different ink ( one color) and rubbed the ink pad all over the glossy paper then gave the ink pad a good twist in places so there would be more , and darker ink and ya know it was great so mu

ch so I made a bunch of different colors , to have on hand when needed ...So Im into Jewels so I had bought some jewels from Walmart a while back they were discounted for .50cent and they were jewels to use to decorate your cell phone holder ..I have tons ..So ladies always check out the sales bin and I dont care if it's used for automotive, it might also be get for your cards and Scrapbooks ..

Enjoy ...

Laughing 2

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

One Step Further

Okay so I had to go one step further with this as I love my stamps and I thought why couldnt you stamp on these so I did ..and I think we did okay ..I used staz-on after i painted the whole rock white and then I used Patio Paint to color in and sprayed for protction It's differnt Yard art , but cute ...So the Duck is mine and the wolf is Vinny's but the backround we freehand how cool huh??


Well cant believe it ..But's it's true ..Vinny ( My HUbby ) are Painting Rocks ..Yep thats right Rocks ..After seeing this lady on the Carol Duval Show we had to try and I dont know what it is , but it's kinda fun ...Vinny does everything free hand and so did I here they are ...OKay so mine is the house free hand ,and I love it and the other two are Vinnys Freehand I was impressed.anyway great way to decorate the garden ...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Angel Company Spring Catologe

Okay , so I need to get on the ball here ..I am trying to start my Angel Bussiness and would appreciate your help...Tell your friends and anybody you blog with ...
What is a Angel Company ???
Well the Angel Company , who sells some of the best EZ MOUNTED rubber stamps and Scrapbooking Supplies ..I got more into to stamping becuse of them ..You see the Angel company in Magazines World wide ..How can you get them ?? Thru me ..I would be glad to help you and answer any questions you may have ...Below is our Spring Cattologe and so fun looking and nows the time to take advantage of all they have to Offer its Double Off ..If you book a party of 100.00 or more you get a 1/2 booking Bonus , thats half off anystamp in the books and then you get DOUBLE , that's right DOUBLE your 1/2 price Hostess gifts , so nows the time to get your BIND IT ALL and SCORE Pal for 1/2 off and Not to Mention a Crop-a- Dile and Crop- a - dile 2 "BIG BITE " for half off we also have the great Scrap -O -Dex for 1/2 off If you dont want gadgets we have tons Of WONDERFUL stamps to choose from ..and then to top that off for every 30.00 you spend you could get Double ,yep there it is again..Double Your GWPS ( Gift With Purchase) there stamps we have that we give with every 30.00 you spend but now you can get two ..30.00 also entitles you to get the Stamp of the Month and A Special Vintage set , for a speical price ..YOu dont want to miss this as it ENDS APRIL 30th ..
E-mail Me and we can do an Email party , Or order at hope you enjoy the cattologe down below and you can also view our reg catologe At this link so go and enjoy.. :)