Monday, March 31, 2008

Newest ATC"S

Okay , so here are my newest ATC's ..I just love makeing these and I love looking at large cards and making them small ..Like my St Pattys Shaker Card much fun ...I just dont know that appeal of these little cards , but when you trade and see what diffreent people make , it's amasing ..Ont the two bunnies on the left ..I cut aout part of the ear so it would pop out and have a 3-D type of thing going ..great fun..I the bunnie below was don partly by useing paper pieceing method , for the egg and the egg paper was marbled..Love it ..
let me know what you think I love new ideas ..
enjoy ...

Saturday, March 29, 2008

MY Journal...

Okay so where have I been ??Certainly not here on my Blog ..gezzzzzzzzz I must get better , I'm not use to having a blog ..

Anyway I thought I would share with you my Journal ..I just started Weight Watchers ..and well it's very very hard ..I have struggled all my life with weight and finally lost over 140.lbs ...kept it off for about 8 years ...then I got married and Moved to the High Co. Mountains and had nobody, so I ate ..Not even thinking about what all I went threw to loose this Poundage ..which I said I would never put on again ..I mean you just don't know how nice it is to be healthy and what a high I remember it was to buy a 3.00 Hoodie off the sale rack in Med ..Well then here I am again the old road and I want to cry sometimes .

Well This Journal is suppose to help me I will write every day how I'm feeling , the struggles I'm going through and Ill have Scriptures to read and hopefully up lifting ATC's I asked my Friends to send me so I can put them in my journal and know someone cares ..cuz truly Al's I have is my Cyb er friends..They are very ,very special to me ..

So anyway after I loose this weight and I WILL ..I want to have a journal I can look at whenever I want that EXTRA BIG, HUGE PIECE OF CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE GOOEY CAKE ...I can look and see all the trails I went threw and maybe think twice about it ..

Hope this will inspire others ...and I would love if there is anyone how would give encouragement and things to put in my book ..
So to the right is a upside down pick of the inside of my book and a nice quote my friend sent me , as we trade ATC's I but it in a baseball card holder and atached it and now I will be inspired everyday ...