Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hubbys Valentine

So for Hubby I really tried to not make it Girly , I used stripe paper and no matter what you do for Valentines its gonna be girly ..anyway we all know its all about the Girls anyway hehehe ...I used my copics , I have to tell ya , im really loveing these ..I also used a Sarah Kay stamp , too cute ..and found Heart dolies and I said what the heck and threw caution to the wind and went for it he liked it and I guess thats all that mattered anyway ..we had a very nice day ..

This is the inside of my card , I wanted to show you how it opened , I learned this from Claudia Rosa whos cards are sooooooooooooo Wonderful YOU WOULDNT BELIEVE IT ..but I wrote it as Valentines is over so im trusting you not to read it hahaha
I know my buddy Dana will shes sneaky ..LOL

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Huggs and Smiles

Valentines For My Buddies

Okay so here are my Valentine Cards ..I know im late but I had Computer Problems and was with out a computer and man do I HATE that ..I have to have a computer so I can get my cards on here for my 2 fans that I have LOL
anyway they are both Simluar but different ..I use Copics on both and used the fur Tecnique to color in my Kitties ( if you go to I LIKE you find this and many other tecniques ) I love it ..and then The one just below I I made for my good Buddy Dana and used Yoyos I made the bottom corner and a pink ribbion to kind make a corner embelishment in the upper corner and I saw how others where using
doilies and so I thought I would give it a whirl ..I do love how they came out ..
Hope you like them ..

This card below is Jackies Card ( my secret Sister ) and I Did make it a little different ..but still have the dolies on it ..and used flower and heart accent on the flower and both have charms ..

This is the inside of my cards ..( Now my friends will know both where the same lol)
I love doing the inside as it only takes a min and really adds to the whole thing ..

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Secret sister Card 3

Secret Sister time ..and this was the card I had sent her for card #3..Its a Sarah Kay Stamp and I love her ..she is way cute huh ??
I used Angel Company Paper and a Quick Kuts die cut and then I made some Yo Yo circles which I use alot and I think it came out rather well ..Im saying Im even surprizing myself here lately hahaha
hope you enjoy it ..I also colored with my copics . still have a couple of my friends cards I want to share with you ..I was a lucky girl to get them ..Till tomarrow
Huggs and Smiles

Im still on an inside the card kick, I love it ..Doesnt take much to tickle me lol

This is the up close version and dont be to hard on me , im kinda new with the copics :)

Trading With Miss Trudy

So as I had mentioned before Trudy ( a very great Lady and friend) and I traded images and then we had to make a card for each other with an image we recieved ...She chose this one that I sent her and I LOVE IT !..she has inspired me through the years and had got my addition to stamps on the way ...I dont know if that was a good thing or not hahahah
But she has talent ..and has had her pictures put into our Angel Catty at times and done other work for them ...
Go to see her work ..just click on Trudies Treasures on the side of my blog and off you'll go to her blog
thanks for stopping by , Ill have more things to share
Huggs and Smiles

This is the upclose version of Miss Trudies card ..Isnt it WOONDERFUL???

Engine Inside

Well I had to add the inside to the card Below as I didnt use to do the inside of cards , but now I think its a sin not too.LOL
As it really does add to your card and you put all that work into in it in the first place why not go a step futher ...
I ruined a pictured I colored before the one that is on the card and instead if tossing it I saved bits and pieces for the inside .Worked out great huh?? I do have more .......