Friday, February 6, 2009

Trading With Miss Trudy

So as I had mentioned before Trudy ( a very great Lady and friend) and I traded images and then we had to make a card for each other with an image we recieved ...She chose this one that I sent her and I LOVE IT !..she has inspired me through the years and had got my addition to stamps on the way ...I dont know if that was a good thing or not hahahah
But she has talent ..and has had her pictures put into our Angel Catty at times and done other work for them ...
Go to see her work ..just click on Trudies Treasures on the side of my blog and off you'll go to her blog
thanks for stopping by , Ill have more things to share
Huggs and Smiles

This is the upclose version of Miss Trudies card ..Isnt it WOONDERFUL???

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Trudy Osborn said...

Aww! Thanks Diana, you are too sweet. I am not sure about that up close version though...all I see is my coloring mess I am my own worse critic!