Friday, May 30, 2008

Lookie at me, would ya ....I finally got something else done ..Boy I tell ya being Anemic is not for wimps ...I hate sleeping and they say its gonna be another 4 weeks before they can tell if the Mega doses of Iron is going to help ..I have so many of these Ideas its crazy ..I just cant do them ..
So is this not the cutiest little card EVAH? I love it ...You can see it opens ..and the little pocket at the bottom is suppose to just look like a pocket ..But I have to have it work I trifolded it ..and put a velcro under the button ..and Unter the flap is room to put a gift card , or another messege ...
Of course I used the Angel Companys "Up Town Girl " Paper ..I love it so much ..and then I used our " Girlz & Boyz" stamp Set it not the cutiest ??
If you like the stamp sets and would like them , just let me know ...
So now I know all of you are very talented and woould love to see what you come up with ..Also Please HONK if you like my card LOL
Leave a commnet so I know someones looking ..
Im sorta a neat freak and this is not my best work ..I would of cut things better if I wasnt in a hurry , Ya know sleepy time I thought Perfect work Or get it on the blog ...Winner , get it on the blog
hope you like it as much as I do

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Could you believe it ..this has been a good day ..I made it ...I just want to break out into a song ....Gooooooooooo speed racer , Goooooooo speed racer , go speed racer , gooooooooooooooooo..What you were expecting maybe Singin in the rain LOL..anyway I have more pictures but im lucky I got this here you can tell has the Newspaper news hangin and like i said below can put a picture frame there and up top from the middle piuture I will have a pocket to but things in and I could put an accordian fold on the the next spot to ad more pictures and so on ..and yes in the book you can write in it ..
okay Im happy ..hope you like ..
Like I said , if you are the one person that visits my blogg leave a message and I will give away the small one down below inside and I will put a book or a frame whatever you want ...
so take care ........................ENJOY i hope ..

Monday, May 26, 2008


Im still trying darn it and I will try till I gt the darn thing on there ...
In the mean time Ill entertain you with my old soft shoe ...LOL
Okay so I know I love Co the most ...We have only been here sence Aug. last year ..But let me tell you as far as property ..we hit the Mother Load ..
We have tons of land ... Just found out we have a Peach , Apple , Pear Trees , which were told by the lady that we bought from Hold so much juicy ,yummy fruit we wont be able to keep up , then we have a Grape Vine which is going crazy right now and not one but Three Walnut trees ..could you beleve it ..
Wish I new how to can ..then Hubby planted a garden ( which I never had ) a huge one ..Its like the Beverly HillBillys going to Hollywood only in reverse LOL
In the morning I hear the Cows across the street Mooing and the Cock -a-doodle dooooooooo from next door ...Its amazing ...
Okay so Here is a great Chicken Salad to make for the Summer ..
A couple Chicken Breasts .( or enough to feed your cow pokes )
a couple Apples diced
celery chopped
Cranrasins or just rasins
Walnut chopped
Blend and Put in the frig overnite , Tasted better when cold and Yummy ..way yummy ...
Let me know if you try it ..
okay lets see if this goes ...

3-D Opening

Okay Im soooooooo sorry ..I have been having major trouble with my computer and cant seem to get done what I want to ..Im having troubles getting the picture on here ..I hope by the time im done writng this I will be able to ..
This is kinda Ati-climatic Now that the word i want to use lol
But It has a little journel hanging from the top ..and down the line after the big picture in the middle Im going to put a pocket , so I can put things like the names and date and info on my dogs ..and Yes they have there own name stamp , doent every doggie ???LOL
then next I want to put an a accordion fold book so I can have many more pictures added ..also when It close I can add the toy i got when I got Bunni bear ....I just think its way cool ..Also if you dont want a hangin book you can put a haning frame ..why wonderful :)
So over the whole week last week I entered in to win some blog candy from Rochelle Wicks blog ..I didnt win but it was fun ..So I decided to have a drawing for my small house ..just leave commets and I will draw a winner On the 14th of June ..Flag day ..
Hope you enjoy and have fun ..
I have tons of ideas for more stuff , but i have to get beeter before I can do it ..I found out im I have been sleepin all day ..and I do mean all day ..Not fun ..but ill get better and have lots more goodies on here ...Prayer would be welcome ..
God Bless

Sunday, May 18, 2008

3-D House Album

Happy Sunday to all ...Well here is my Unveiling Of my 3-D House Album ...It a big deal to me as I never Make Scrapbooks much ..I love this one and Im only showing you the outside as I have to finish up one of the insides so you can get the full effect ..I made one for my Doggies ( cuz I Love them so much ) and one for someone who just moved and thought they could put the pics of there house in there and details ..The Possiblities are endless , Grandma and Pappys house , Our Renovations, Our Kids Play House ..ect ..You get the Idea ...The Dog House is 4" tall and Wide and the Green is 3" tall and Wide ..
Anyway let me know what you think ..I will be making kits for anyone who is interested ...
Sorry it has taken so long but I have

been sleeping all day , Yup ! sleeping and couldnt figure out why , didnt like
Tantrumit ...Migrane ect ...and then went for Blood tests and there it was ..Im ENEMIC ..Go Figure,that would of been the last thing I would of thought it's been taking me along time to do things ..I will however do the inside this week ...
Have a great Sunday>>>Yep I need a Hugg ..So Im giving one to all 3 of you who come visit LOL Big Hug

Saturday, May 10, 2008

SO Blessed

Okay havent posted in awhile ..But have not been well lately , Thank Goodness I did this one before the Doc changed my meds .Or this card mightnot have come out so good ...Okay So im tooting my own horn ..but I have come along way I think ..I never new what to do with this gal ,, but yet I just love her .She is From The Angel Company ..and I had a Sunflower from a company that is no longer selling stamps and they went together rather nicely ...I also Gave her Red hair , because I wanted to get out of the rut that everyone has Brown hair like mine ..LOL I was surprized ..
I hope you enjoy ...Ill be sending these out to may ladys I trade with soon ..
God Bless and to All Mothers
Happy Mother's Day ! If you click on the pic , you'll be able to see close up ..

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Comming Up

Okay people , I know Im not as fast as some of these gals out there ...But I am working on the cutest Album right now and will make up some kits if your interested ..I will probally have it out this week ..Been running a little slow ,havent been feeling well ..I'll snap out of it soon ..LOL
I will also show some more of my ATCs, so dont tell my Gals I trade with Shhhhhhhhhh!!!! hahahaha
okay have a great Sunday

Friday, May 2, 2008

RAK ( Random Act Of Kindness)

Blowing Kisses

OKay so I MUST share this with you took me awhile as I had to stop crying first ...I must admitt I havent lived where I could have any friends ,so I havent enjoyed anybody for over 6 years now( ya know go have coffe and giggle like little school girls ) and kids dont write there in there own world I wont even hear from them on Mothers day, and so I can get very , very lonely & sad ....Sometimes you think nobody cares ...then an ANGEL is sent your way ...

Today a lady I trade ATC's with ,knew I was trying my best to do Weight Watchers and today I recieve a Package from her and I couldnt amagine what it could be , way to big for ATC's. Well she sent me W.W. Recipes and not only did she send me 15 of them , but each on a 6x6 card , decorated and everything.Well you just dont know hown special that made me feel ., Someone actually thought of me Diana Molinaro...I cryed for along time ...NOw you may think, and she probally did as well that it was no big deal ...BUt to me It was like a WHOLE BIG DEAL and me feel like someone cared enough to do all that and That someone actually thought of me ...and well to me it was like Christmas .

So All's I can say is the next time you think of someone and you think maybe this little card or something aint no big deal and then decide not to do it ..

Please do cuz it might be just what God wants you to do for that person and may effect that person in a BIG WAY...I know it did me and Robin I thank God for you ..YOUR MY ANGEL

Thanks ! Blow Kiss

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stamps You Havent Used ???

Holy Moly Okay Ladies ....Im Stamp Crazy ...My Husband does'nt understand, and you know I just think theres some things people just dont need to understand LOL ..But it something thats theres no meeting for ( THANK GOODNESS ) so I have stamps I bought and Love but havent used them ..can you believe it ?? Yeah You feel me looking at you , dont you ?? you do the same thing huh??

Girls just live with it and keep up the good job , but try to use it once at least ..

So I did this one, it's from Whipper Snapper ..I love them so much ..I had to make a thank you card and this is what I came up with thanks to those card sketches you can get ..

Let me know what you think ...