Saturday, May 10, 2008

SO Blessed

Okay havent posted in awhile ..But have not been well lately , Thank Goodness I did this one before the Doc changed my meds .Or this card mightnot have come out so good ...Okay So im tooting my own horn ..but I have come along way I think ..I never new what to do with this gal ,, but yet I just love her .She is From The Angel Company ..and I had a Sunflower from a company that is no longer selling stamps and they went together rather nicely ...I also Gave her Red hair , because I wanted to get out of the rut that everyone has Brown hair like mine ..LOL I was surprized ..
I hope you enjoy ...Ill be sending these out to may ladys I trade with soon ..
God Bless and to All Mothers
Happy Mother's Day ! If you click on the pic , you'll be able to see close up ..

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Rochelle W said...

They are super cute. You did a great job.