Monday, May 26, 2008


Im still trying darn it and I will try till I gt the darn thing on there ...
In the mean time Ill entertain you with my old soft shoe ...LOL
Okay so I know I love Co the most ...We have only been here sence Aug. last year ..But let me tell you as far as property ..we hit the Mother Load ..
We have tons of land ... Just found out we have a Peach , Apple , Pear Trees , which were told by the lady that we bought from Hold so much juicy ,yummy fruit we wont be able to keep up , then we have a Grape Vine which is going crazy right now and not one but Three Walnut trees ..could you beleve it ..
Wish I new how to can ..then Hubby planted a garden ( which I never had ) a huge one ..Its like the Beverly HillBillys going to Hollywood only in reverse LOL
In the morning I hear the Cows across the street Mooing and the Cock -a-doodle dooooooooo from next door ...Its amazing ...
Okay so Here is a great Chicken Salad to make for the Summer ..
A couple Chicken Breasts .( or enough to feed your cow pokes )
a couple Apples diced
celery chopped
Cranrasins or just rasins
Walnut chopped
Blend and Put in the frig overnite , Tasted better when cold and Yummy ..way yummy ...
Let me know if you try it ..
okay lets see if this goes ...

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