Monday, May 26, 2008

3-D Opening

Okay Im soooooooo sorry ..I have been having major trouble with my computer and cant seem to get done what I want to ..Im having troubles getting the picture on here ..I hope by the time im done writng this I will be able to ..
This is kinda Ati-climatic Now that the word i want to use lol
But It has a little journel hanging from the top ..and down the line after the big picture in the middle Im going to put a pocket , so I can put things like the names and date and info on my dogs ..and Yes they have there own name stamp , doent every doggie ???LOL
then next I want to put an a accordion fold book so I can have many more pictures added ..also when It close I can add the toy i got when I got Bunni bear ....I just think its way cool ..Also if you dont want a hangin book you can put a haning frame ..why wonderful :)
So over the whole week last week I entered in to win some blog candy from Rochelle Wicks blog ..I didnt win but it was fun ..So I decided to have a drawing for my small house ..just leave commets and I will draw a winner On the 14th of June ..Flag day ..
Hope you enjoy and have fun ..
I have tons of ideas for more stuff , but i have to get beeter before I can do it ..I found out im I have been sleepin all day ..and I do mean all day ..Not fun ..but ill get better and have lots more goodies on here ...Prayer would be welcome ..
God Bless

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