Sunday, April 17, 2011

High Hopes for Bev

So this was a card I made for my Friend Bev ..who also happens to be the Pastor's Wife ..Also she is my biggest fan I think hahaha ..She is always so thoughtful and loving I wanted her card to be special as she is ..She is always running around tyring to make sure everyone is taken care of Always thinking of others ..So That's where I got Gods Lil Helper and the Unconditional Love she sure has that ..So what better image to use as a High Hopes image drawn by another someone who Loves Loves Loves the Lord ...So combined the two and its a Great thing ..
I made a T-slide card and found them kinda hard to
 decorate as it moves so you cant mess that up .but I  did alright I guess ..
So i used 3 images from High Hopes By Crissy Armstrong and two the rocks, sun and cup from I'm not sure hahaha..I colored with My Copics and the swirls I had cut from along time ago and never used them , there from glitter paper , I cut the swirls to meet my needs ..
All in All it made me smile and I think she liked it ..

So here is the Up close part , don't look to close hahaha

So this is the inside ..i did a T-slide card or should I say I had Hubby make the T-slide part hahaha

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

This will be a quick post .This was a card I made for a Girl at church that I believe turned 18 and so I made it with ALOT of sparkle ..The swirls are out of Glitter paper ..I used flowers and sparkled those up with Glamor mist spray ..Stamped my ticket and colored my Elisabeth Bell image with copics ..I so love this card .

So here is the inside of the POP Up card ...I did a cupcake with little sparkle rhinestones for candy and the sign was stamped ..Not sure who made the stamp ..
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Asian Journal With a Twist of Color

So here is a Journal I Got commissioned to do a few months back ..It was for an Asian type theme with the Blue and Green Colors ..Asian is not my thing ..but I did better than I thought I would ..This is a Hardbound Journal that is about 8 X 10 1/2" and Again like i said in a couple postings below I got the idea for the screens from Mary Gizma and then here I used chipboard for the tree and made the flowers from White wool I have , This time Putting a flower in her hair ..Colored with Copics ..I found a site on the web that shows how to make the Kimono and so I made one and it was too big so I put on the inside back cover and made a smaller one to fit the front..I gathered the ribbon on the binding and added flowers.
I them bought the B for her name at Hobby Lobby and Stamp the rest of her name on it and covered that with Stickles so it would shimmer like the B..
On the inside I added a Pocket and made a Fan added doilies to it and braided the string from Embroidery Thread ..Haven't Braided anything since I was little and that was AGES a few day ago ...hahaha
Again I gathered ribbon around the pocket and added flowers to go with the front ..
I think it came out great and I made it for a lady who gave it to her Daughter for Christmas ..They BOTH were very pleased and that in turn makes me happy think something I MAKE can make someones day is a true treasure

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Chloe's Card

So this card was for a Girl at our Church Named Chloe and she turned I believe 16 ..I heard she loved this cartoon Namie or something ..and was told this would fit in .. I made the Soji Screen following Mary Giemza Directions .. and then made some Cherry blossoms out of white wool and added a Pearl in them and made tree branch out of heavy card stock ..butterfly's punch from Martha Stewart and Colored with Copics ..She LOVED IT!!! it made me feel so good and she gave me a Handwritten , That's right I said a Handwritten THANK YOU note in perfect Penmanship ..Now days you dont see that at all ..At least not me .. SHe made my day . Not the other way around ..

Here is the upclose picture , Again sorry the pictures arent as good as they should be ..

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Speaking of Yummy

So Speaking of Sara and her Wonderfull cakes and sweets ( post below ) you have to see the cute as a Button Poodle cake she did for me last year ...Even my Boo Boo Bear Is in awe over it ... I was scared he would eat it hahah... This tho is NOTHING compared to other things shes makes ..( I think Im a a Fan) It was oh so yummy ... So I thought I better show this now as My B-day is coming in a few months and Im sure she will have something even more special ( Wink Wink Sara ) in German Chocolate ..I wonder if she'll know thats what Im wanting aaaaaahhahaha DId I mention how great she is ...( a little kissing up never hurts " SMILE")

This was so Special ..

Thanks for stopping by ......

HUGs, Diana

Dusting off the ole Blog

So cant believe its almost been a year sense I have posted anything ...I have been busy during this time ,just didn't think anyone was watching but I was wrong as I have had a few people tell me they keep coming, so here I am dusting off the ole blog and hoping to make it a better place to be as I have learned alot I sure hope to inspire others to learn as well ..

So first off I have been doing alot for my Church Family ..I love this church and it has been so Uplifting to me ..The people there are like none others I can say for sure .Family , fun loveing

So first off I would love to tell you about my Sara who Lovingly ( Wink Wink )asked me to put something on my blog ( ahahahahahaa ) I so listen to this girl ...Not really but she would like to think so .right Miss Sara?? haha Seriously she has a heart of Gold and is a wizzzzzzzz with Sugar and Spatula .. What she can do with sugar is Amazing ..cakes, candy , anything, she can do it and oh so cute ..My fav is her Pumpkin Fudge ..Yup Pumpkin so yummy ..You must go see her on face book ..Sara's sweets of sweetwater ..I think that's right if not ill come back and change it ..She will send to you as well thru mail ...Yummy

Anyway She makes wonderful cakes for everyone at church so when it came time for her Birthday Im thinking what do I do ?? I cant do what she does I made her a cake from my world ..the pattern was teeny tinny but hubby made the pattern bigger ..and I make the cake ( Pictured below ) for her ..It has swirls of White Frosting ( cuddle bug swirls embossing folder ) on top and candied flowers ( German Chunky Glass Glitter) ribbons and paper doily sprayed with glimmer mist ..Candy dots on side ( I colored my pearls with copic markers ) and alot of love ..

Inside I added some of my favorite Chocolates Melt away Kisses ..

Also a card made with Tilda holding a cake , colored with copics cut out and put on card that had a sunken window ..I forget what it was called ..Ribbon and a flower I made on the ribbon out of rick rack and some pearls ..

WOW!! Its been along time sense I wrote I have almost forgot what to do above you will see more pictures of the card I made miss Sara ..I love this girl even tho I cant always tell her for the fact she might get Big Head Syndrome ..But like I said she has a heart of gold and Cooks the same way with alot of love ..

Go give her a look see ..

Thanks for coming by again and Ill try to have post more often and show you what I have been up too ..

Hugs Diana

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Dragon

So I have started a new church and decided to make a Birthday card for a lady there that I think needed a little lift ..So I used this Dragon from Karens Doodles and Inside i used Huggable Hank from High Hopes ..I colored with copics ..Made my flowers and i did something I havent done is Actually stitch on my card ..I usually use faux sticking ..Its kinda neat ..I wanted it to be bright and cheary..And have an eliment of surpize so when you open it Hank pops up, Giving her many hugs .
I had a very wonderful Person help me with where to put the dark shadows and Highlights as Im so not there yet ..So Missy you know who you are Many Thanks ..

Here is the upclose of the Birday Dragon from Karens Doodles ..I added glossy accents to the table top to make it look like a glass table

Here is the Inside of the card using Huggable Hank ( High Hopes )as a POP up and after I took this picture I also added Happy Birthday Sticker on the pocket to make it look more complete..Also I made little cards for each person so they could send there own message to Michelle and put in pocket ..

Well Hope you like
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank You

So I know I have been gone awhile ..part of it is im going threw that tired thing again and its been rough ( vitamin d and Diabets yuck)But I have still been busy ..coloring ..
So we have started a New Church " Clavery Chapel" I use to go to one in Co and thought all was lost when we couldnt find a church here so I gave up going to church and was pretty sad about it too . But God showed us this one and Now we are happy campers hahah YEAAAAAAAAA
Anyway we went to a barbaeque they had and it was so nice ..we havent been around people in along time and were very lonely ..These people have no idea , NONE how much that day meant to us ...
Well I needed to thank the sweet sweet woman that opened her house to everyone ..
So here is my card ..Colored with Copics ..and decorated with charms , jeweleryfindings , doily and flowers Also I have a SPECIAL ANGEL (who shall not be named ) teaching me to highlight ect I hope I done her proud ....AnyHoo This card seemed to bring a smile to her ..for that I am happy ..Hope you enjoy .I know I did making it ..and I will always remember that day .

Upclose and personal

Here is the inside

Hugs and Smiles

Dana"s Prayer Shwal

So I dont know if anyone has heard of Prayer Shawls , but i make them for people who are going threw a rough time ..I want them surrounded by Gods love ..So I made one for a computer Buddy Dana..
Hubby is modleing it , so he kinda has a sour face , so I had to cut his head off hahah but he is a good sport tho ..
Its heavy one to keep her warm and toasty in the winter months ..

Hope you like
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

My New Lil Baby

So I would like to Introduse you to the Newest member of our family Mickey ...That goes with our other Goat Maggie ..Mikey and Maggie , Mickey and Maggie Im saying it as a ryhme hahah Im so easily entertained ....So here goes the Story ..He is a Newbin Breed and I have been wanting a baby one for like ever ...But there 200.00 and I can afford that..So my Motto is " It Dont Hurt to Ask " so we have a paper around here where you can place adds for free and you should see the wierd stuff people put it there ..Like Have Car , Runs great needs engine " now how can that be?? hummmmm oh well on to my story again hehe...I put " want New Born Newbein Goat will pay 50.00 ...I thought why not and the add was getting old and I figured No one would call now , But low and Behold I got a call and this girl and her hubby raise them and 5 kids as well and needed the money and so there you have my New Baby ,,,I can sit out there and hold him and he cuddles me and loves me and it blows me away ..I love him ...I want to bring him inside and sleep with me and my dogs but Vinny says NO .Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm why is that you think ..hhahah anyway here he is and I am in love again ..I NEVER thought I could feel this way about a goat ..

So here are some more Pic's of my LIL Baby ...He's just so Cute ..Dont you think ???

Thanks for letting me tell you my story
Hugs and Smiles