Monday, April 4, 2011

Chloe's Card

So this card was for a Girl at our Church Named Chloe and she turned I believe 16 ..I heard she loved this cartoon Namie or something ..and was told this would fit in .. I made the Soji Screen following Mary Giemza Directions .. and then made some Cherry blossoms out of white wool and added a Pearl in them and made tree branch out of heavy card stock ..butterfly's punch from Martha Stewart and Colored with Copics ..She LOVED IT!!! it made me feel so good and she gave me a Handwritten , That's right I said a Handwritten THANK YOU note in perfect Penmanship ..Now days you dont see that at all ..At least not me .. SHe made my day . Not the other way around ..

Here is the upclose picture , Again sorry the pictures arent as good as they should be ..

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