Sunday, April 17, 2011

High Hopes for Bev

So this was a card I made for my Friend Bev ..who also happens to be the Pastor's Wife ..Also she is my biggest fan I think hahaha ..She is always so thoughtful and loving I wanted her card to be special as she is ..She is always running around tyring to make sure everyone is taken care of Always thinking of others ..So That's where I got Gods Lil Helper and the Unconditional Love she sure has that ..So what better image to use as a High Hopes image drawn by another someone who Loves Loves Loves the Lord ...So combined the two and its a Great thing ..
I made a T-slide card and found them kinda hard to
 decorate as it moves so you cant mess that up .but I  did alright I guess ..
So i used 3 images from High Hopes By Crissy Armstrong and two the rocks, sun and cup from I'm not sure hahaha..I colored with My Copics and the swirls I had cut from along time ago and never used them , there from glitter paper , I cut the swirls to meet my needs ..
All in All it made me smile and I think she liked it ..

So here is the Up close part , don't look to close hahaha

So this is the inside ..i did a T-slide card or should I say I had Hubby make the T-slide part hahaha

Thanks for stopping by
Hugs, Diana


DanaBee said...

Very nice card Diana, the coloring is perfect.

Crissy Armstrong said...

Hi Diana - I didn't get an email yet, try again today using my Sympatico - it should work now.

Crissy Armstrong said...

Hey Diana; never got any emails from you that you said you sent. Can you go to my blog and write your new email address in another comment? I will try contacting you from that.

Crissy Armstrong said...

No joke - I want to receive them but they aren't showing up. Try re-sending here: