Sunday, February 10, 2008


OKay , I love doing these Tiles ...But I wanted to make them good and have been experimenting with the Clear Ones as I think they are richer and more fun ..I found that if you use Sparkels they will even add a new demention and then in this first Girl Tile I used a metalic red heart and boy that stands out Great ..dang it didnt scan very well but spakelies went all thru the Tile ...

Now this girl on the right is much better as I found out how to intenseify the colors ..I wish you could see the tile better it's clear blue like Glass ..anyway thought I wuld share ....
Okay this is the one from above I hope you can see it better I just couldnt get the other one off , no delete ..dang there's alot to this blogging thing ..

More ATC's

This was my First ATC ever ...the Theme was something like Someone you love I did it of my Hubby when he was 15 and I was , well I was being born at the time LOL

Now ths is was my 2nd and it had to do with the 50's ...this is all I could come up with , but not bad for only a 2nd time out ...Plus I was just Born in the late 50's so dont have any idea what it's all about ...I just remeber these cuz

they were my first... Hope you like
So now Im think Im all great ,hahaha and decided to make a shaker St Patty's Card a Year ago came out not so bad ...

So anyway Like I said before I will add more later ...thanks for coming


ATC's ( Artist Trading Cards) are to be traded and not sold .THey are so much fun I love , Love Love to do them ..

Now if you dont know still what they are they are 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 cars of art ..Like Baseball cards ..People all over trade them and you can stamp on them ,Which I love to do and use Paint, Fabric, ribbion, Pictures , Altered Art , Anything you can think of you can do ..It is so much fun to trade and see other peoples Ideas learn and I never get tired of looking at them ...I get into clubs at Splitecoaststampers and they have different Themes ..Like Im in the middle of doing an easter theme for next month ..I will start showing these bits of art Ive done ...some I like and some not so great ,,but im learning ..This was a flower one I did and cut out a bird stamp and used a pop dot to make it 3-D so I used three different stamps ..
Hope you like ...and I will put more on later .