Thursday, December 10, 2009

Secret Sister

Well for secret sister time it was a reveal and so I ordered her some goodies and it came in a ziplock bag like , not pretty so I made a Diaper fold pocket to put her goodies in and She liked it ..Wasnt my best work but i was sick as the time ...

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Coffee Cardigan

I made a green one as well there too cute haha

Okay so Im a coffee Hound and I know out there in the world there are others haha
So when I saw this Coffee Cardigan I knew I had to make it mine altho I think I will like it better in solid colors and in person its really cute just like a sweater ..So this was my first ..and if anyone out there in blog land likes let me know as I think Im gonna sell these babies..haha

Pretty good for my first ...picture doesnt do it justist and I didnt have a nice cup either ahha

Spinner Cards

So these are the spinners I made after getting inspiration from Debbie Olsen ( she rocks in my book lol) and so I taught a class on this and also made 8 for our grandkids and actually hubby helped as it was raining and he had nothing to do ..So I knew then he was ripe for the pickin hahahah..I love these cards ...
Go see Debbies Blog you will be thriiled
Oh and Yes I made those bows myself ..Yikes I never done that before but they came out fine all 8 of them wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

So here is the Upclose and personal of my rudy and ginger bread man ..I used stickles in the middle of bow , and icing parts of ginger boy and rudys bow tie..

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