Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coffee Cardigan

I made a green one as well there too cute haha

Okay so Im a coffee Hound and I know out there in the world there are others haha
So when I saw this Coffee Cardigan I knew I had to make it mine altho I think I will like it better in solid colors and in person its really cute just like a sweater ..So this was my first ..and if anyone out there in blog land likes let me know as I think Im gonna sell these babies..haha

Pretty good for my first ...picture doesnt do it justist and I didnt have a nice cup either ahha


Jackie said...

What are you gonna come up with next!! I think your little cardigan is terrific. I'd buy one!

Jerri Kay said...

It't totally adorable! Go for it Diana!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Ouuuu! These coddee cardigans are SO cool! LOVE em. What a great gift idea.

Thank You so much for your sweet comment today. You made my day, Darlin' Diana! You are sure to think that I am the cheekiest ever, though, with the answer to your question: i made the shadows with good ol' sunshine. heeheehee. It's just the way the light was cast when I took the pic. But you gave me the BEST idea to do a shadow card!!! Thank You! :o)

Giant hugs,

P.S. Did you know you were "no reply" in blogger? It just means no one can email you replies from your comments. It can be changed in blogger settings. (Unless you like it as no reply.) Thought I'd mention it just in case. :o)