Thursday, December 10, 2009

Spinner Cards

So these are the spinners I made after getting inspiration from Debbie Olsen ( she rocks in my book lol) and so I taught a class on this and also made 8 for our grandkids and actually hubby helped as it was raining and he had nothing to do ..So I knew then he was ripe for the pickin hahahah..I love these cards ...
Go see Debbies Blog you will be thriiled
Oh and Yes I made those bows myself ..Yikes I never done that before but they came out fine all 8 of them wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew

So here is the Upclose and personal of my rudy and ginger bread man ..I used stickles in the middle of bow , and icing parts of ginger boy and rudys bow tie..

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Trudy Osborn said...

These are just too stinkin' cute!!! I love them!!!! You must have just put them up, because I was on here this morning and they weren't here

Jackie said...

Oh my gosh! How dense am I! You talked about Rudy cards, but it never dawned on me it was Rudolph. How adorable. Your gingerbread man is great too. You make the greatest cards!

Jerri Kay said...

These are so adorable Diana! Love the gingerbread man card!

DanaBee said...

Love these need to know whow to make it.