Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Dragon

So I have started a new church and decided to make a Birthday card for a lady there that I think needed a little lift ..So I used this Dragon from Karens Doodles and Inside i used Huggable Hank from High Hopes ..I colored with copics ..Made my flowers and i did something I havent done is Actually stitch on my card ..I usually use faux sticking ..Its kinda neat ..I wanted it to be bright and cheary..And have an eliment of surpize so when you open it Hank pops up, Giving her many hugs .
I had a very wonderful Person help me with where to put the dark shadows and Highlights as Im so not there yet ..So Missy you know who you are Many Thanks ..

Here is the upclose of the Birday Dragon from Karens Doodles ..I added glossy accents to the table top to make it look like a glass table

Here is the Inside of the card using Huggable Hank ( High Hopes )as a POP up and after I took this picture I also added Happy Birthday Sticker on the pocket to make it look more complete..Also I made little cards for each person so they could send there own message to Michelle and put in pocket ..

Well Hope you like
Thanks for coming By
Hugs and Smiles

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank You

So I know I have been gone awhile ..part of it is im going threw that tired thing again and its been rough ( vitamin d and Diabets yuck)But I have still been busy ..coloring ..
So we have started a New Church " Clavery Chapel" I use to go to one in Co and thought all was lost when we couldnt find a church here so I gave up going to church and was pretty sad about it too . But God showed us this one and Now we are happy campers hahah YEAAAAAAAAA
Anyway we went to a barbaeque they had and it was so nice ..we havent been around people in along time and were very lonely ..These people have no idea , NONE how much that day meant to us ...
Well I needed to thank the sweet sweet woman that opened her house to everyone ..
So here is my card ..Colored with Copics ..and decorated with charms , jeweleryfindings , doily and flowers Also I have a SPECIAL ANGEL (who shall not be named ) teaching me to highlight ect I hope I done her proud ....AnyHoo This card seemed to bring a smile to her ..for that I am happy ..Hope you enjoy .I know I did making it ..and I will always remember that day .

Upclose and personal

Here is the inside

Hugs and Smiles

Dana"s Prayer Shwal

So I dont know if anyone has heard of Prayer Shawls , but i make them for people who are going threw a rough time ..I want them surrounded by Gods love ..So I made one for a computer Buddy Dana..
Hubby is modleing it , so he kinda has a sour face , so I had to cut his head off hahah but he is a good sport tho ..
Its heavy one to keep her warm and toasty in the winter months ..

Hope you like
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

My New Lil Baby

So I would like to Introduse you to the Newest member of our family Mickey ...That goes with our other Goat Maggie ..Mikey and Maggie , Mickey and Maggie Im saying it as a ryhme hahah Im so easily entertained ....So here goes the Story ..He is a Newbin Breed and I have been wanting a baby one for like ever ...But there 200.00 and I can afford that..So my Motto is " It Dont Hurt to Ask " so we have a paper around here where you can place adds for free and you should see the wierd stuff people put it there ..Like Have Car , Runs great needs engine " now how can that be?? hummmmm oh well on to my story again hehe...I put " want New Born Newbein Goat will pay 50.00 ...I thought why not and the add was getting old and I figured No one would call now , But low and Behold I got a call and this girl and her hubby raise them and 5 kids as well and needed the money and so there you have my New Baby ,,,I can sit out there and hold him and he cuddles me and loves me and it blows me away ..I love him ...I want to bring him inside and sleep with me and my dogs but Vinny says NO .Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm why is that you think ..hhahah anyway here he is and I am in love again ..I NEVER thought I could feel this way about a goat ..

So here are some more Pic's of my LIL Baby ...He's just so Cute ..Dont you think ???

Thanks for letting me tell you my story
Hugs and Smiles

Journal Book Mark

So here is the Boolmark I made to go with the Journal below and I love how it came out ..After I colored with my copics I did Lamanate it So it would be good for along time ..then added the Raffia around the top and the flowwer I made ..I think it completes the whole thing ...

Up close of my Mosse Bookmark ....

Up close of the rustic flower ...Well thats what im calling it anyway hehehe

Hope you liked it and thanks for stoping by
Hugs and Smiles Diana

Moose Journal

So here is a Journal I made for a Lady as we did a Barter Thing , You give me this and Ill give you that type I made her this Journal and the card below .I covered a Composition Book and use two stamps trees and Moose and darn if I dont remember where I got them colored with copics and used that tape stuff in the back of picture hahaha I have had it forever and forget whats it called how funny ,,I knew tho that one day I would use it ...How funny .
I also added a Button on the front I also had forever that says bass creek or something like that ..Man I hate getting older Gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

My Up Close and Personal ....

Hope you Likey
Hugs Diana


This is an Angel company Stamp I have had for like ever and didnt use ..I need to make a card as I trade something with this lady that lives around here for this and a Journal...I colored with copics ..I coved chipborad stars with paper and inked edges and I had that Belt cilp thingy there I got a bunch for 50cents I got to finally use them haha ..Western is not my thing but i think it came out cute ..Who knew I could do western hhaha

Here is my up close and personal picture ...

Hugs and Smiles

Friday, April 2, 2010

Im Reading Hahaha

So i have been reading my Suspense books again and needed me some bookmarks to i made these ..Used copics to color ..One is Riley Moose and the other is a Lelo cat stamp ..Used lace ,buttons and twine ..I think they came out good ..For once I didnt stress out about my colors and just went for it and im happy , I guess at the end of the day thats all that matters right?? hahahaha
Hope you like

This is what they look like with the books closed ..Nice I can find them ..

So I know you have seen these flowers that every ones making and here is mine up close with tissue paper and a brad .Love it ...

Here's the up close and Personal ...

Thanks for looking
Hugs and Smiles

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Revised Bird Houses

Okay so I didn't like how my other houses came out So i made them better and love how the bird looks and where I placed the hole for my bird ..I stamped my card stock with a leaf image that went with the color of paper and I glittered my birds Made of card stock as well and I just love them now and there useful , you can put goodies inside without ruining it ..I love useful hehe

Heres my houses with the lid / roof off

Thanks for looking
Hugs and Smiles

3-D Im Hooked

So this is my House that I painted and papered and had lots of fun with ...Its been raining alot here in TN and so Vinny had a bright Idea of Popsicle stick house top and I thought Okay so we worked and Believe me allot of work hahah I added music paper to the ends of the Popsicle Sticks and put distress ink on them and he cut and placed them on , sounds easy right ...Naaaaaaaaaaah after we got the back done which was easy the front had be done and it had to have some fussy cut around the eves ect ..Oh well done now haha
So i glittered it and and went on to the front with my Vintage image and flowers and charm and got one side done with the a key hole and doily and butterfly and more flowers ,,I plan to do the other side and back . I also added buttons to the eves with my wool heart I die cut and some trim around the whole roof ....I am keeping this one but will sell some on my esty ..I'm making a bigger one now and used lace on the roof ..So pretty ..when I'm done ill show it ..

So here is the Hoouse opened I lined it and as you can see the whole top just comes off , wouldnt this be nice to give to someone with cards in it or candy or some goodies ...Im hooked ..

Hope you liked
Hugs and Smiles

Extra Christmas

If you read My page below you will see whats up with Christmas hahah
Here is a Purse I also made her to put more goodies in and I made the flowers you are seeing everywhere but i decided it was for christmas so it needed a little peppermint candt in the center ...I love it !!!!

This shows the puse open

Hope you likey
Hugs and Smiles Diana

Late Christmas

Hey , I know I have been gone ...Havent been real well and couldnt walk cuz I had and still have a little an Acillis ( have no idea how to spell that haha) heal and its very very painful ..but now im limping along alot better ..
So whats up with Chritmas in March ?? Well I didnt get my Cyber Buddy Dana her Christmas to her ,It sat and sat and I wanted to wrap it nice as it was very late ...
So I made this box with an Easel Card up top and Yes I did Christmas Theme as it was a Christmas present ...and I tucked all her little goodies in there is a 6x3 box ..Pretty sturdy and it nicely fit stmaps and jems and stuff ..I used High Hopes Stamp and Colored with my copics ..I dont know what else to say ..Tada i guess hahaha

So Here is the Side View where the drawer opens and ontop , what it says under the Eseal Card

This is the Front of the Drawer and the Inside ...You can open it , it's sturdy .

Thanks for Stopping by
Hugs and Smiles

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bird Box

I know it's been awhile Im slow I guess ..Here is a 4 drawer box I made with Easel card on top ..I love this one so much ..I used my copics to color . the stamp is from I Brake for Stamps , I made the bird in the corner from my wool I have in my stash and added a silk ribbion stitch on it with a pearl ..I used pink glitter on scroll and tea dyed lace under the bird ..
its an easel card so it lies flate or up right nice would it be to get something like that in the mail with little goodies like buttons or ribbions , lace even a chocolate or two ..haha
I do believe this will go up in my Esty shop and if anyone would like a kit I would sell that as well , so you can add your ow touches ..

As always my" Up Close and Personal :I sponged some Ink on the bird house to make it have a wood effect ..

Thanks for stopping by
Hugs and Smiles
I will add a picture later with drawers open

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Valentine

Okay so Im kinda sad about this Card here and Its for my Honey ...Im a Baaaaaaaaaaaad Man Card maker ..I always want to Bling it up and if you see i still managed to put a tiny bit in still ...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME ..Gezzzzzzzzz I think i need to take a Month of Man card Making ..Now My friend Trudy can make a man card and its cute as can be , Me , NOT SO MUCH ..But Bad or Good this is His haha

He only looks at it for a second anyway .
Hugs and Smiles

A Little Girl Needs Our Help

Hey Buddys out there in Cyber land ..I have some sad news to share and it just touched my heart ..
Here is Part of the Email that was sent to Dustin Pike ..He is the New Stamp Designer at High Hopes.

On Friday, December 11th, 2009 my friends daughter Delia was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. She is 10 yrs old and is currently being treated at the Denver Children's Hospital.

You can read the rest here :
If this Link doesnt come up you can get it on my " Blogs that I visit" on the side of my blog ..

He desgined these Owls for this little girl and is asking that we may send a card to her to brighten her day ..How could you not...I know I hear alot of stories like this but I had to do this one for sure ..
Hope you all join in .
This is what I came up with as I wanted it to be really Girly ...
Excuse the sun gleaming across the card but it was snowing and I had to take what I could get haha
I put an Angel On the bow to watch after her ,,,

Upclose and Personal:

Thanks for Stoping By
Hugs and Smiles

Monday, February 8, 2010

OMGoodness Valentine

Okay What was I thinking ?? I think I went waaaaaaaaaaay Over Board with this one ...I think its a toss in the Dumpster type card but I made it so Ill show it hahaha .. I mean the coloring im happy with . Actully I was happy with it till I put that FEB 14th stamp on it ..But once its on its on
You can all weigh in It wont hurt me ....MUCH haha

As Always My Upclose and Personal Shot ..


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines Again

So again IM entering this card in the " Crazy 4 Challenges " there theme was Valenitnes and I think I have been doing alot of those lately which for some reason is not like me hahaha But this cutie From Karens Doodles Just got me ..Kinda like all her other ones ..
By the Way someone bought this one can you believe it ..I love it biulds up my self esteem ..
So I used my copics and Kraft cardstock I glittered some Hearts and put a slik red bow on " Made by myself" hahah and button

Here is the Upclose and personal View ..

Thanks for stoping by
Hugs and smiles

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Cuddly Boo Bear

Okay so I had to show some one My baby Boy , he is such a sweety face ..I couldnt resist ..Its my " Boo Bear " He is such a love bug and I have another one but shes not gonna let me rake a pic hahah
ill get her tho hehe


Valentine Love hehe

So okay , I have been in the Dog House with Hubby ..I spent to much on stamping stuff can I hear some Awwwwwwwwww sent my way ..So anyway my Mojo went and left , Its hard being in the dog house ..I thought it was the men that were suppose to be there , whats up with that ??? I dont know how crazy I am about this one ..
So whats up with the Doilies lately with me ..Ill tell you ..I wanted doiles last year and couldnt find any till after Valentines , so this year im making up for it ..Plus Im kinda gonna change my style as I learn ,I love shabby chic ..If you haven't been on my Blog yet you can see what my style was about two to three pages over ..
So this Image is Karens Doodles and I used the Free Valentine saying from Verve Stamps , it was a free Digi ..And im using the Basic Grey " Bitter Sweet" paper and Kraft Cardstock from Papertey ...Colored with copics ..A Charm and Ribbion from I dont know where haha
The Pic didnt come out well as we dont have any sunshine and Havent for awhile , its much better in person ..Ill take another when and if the sun ever comes back ..
Hope you likey

As always My upclose and personal shot you can see everything hahaha

Thanks for coming
Hugs And Smiles Diana