Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bible Study Journals

Okay , so we finally found a CHURCH to go to and they have Womans Bible Study on Mondays with a lovely bunch of woman ...I am so happy to have found them . So I thought I would make them each a Journal for Prayer Ect. Well I have only got 5 of them made and will take them tomarrow in hopes they will like them and man I still have about 7 to go ...I also Have a WONDEFUL pen-pal who's doing WEIGHT Watchers and has inspired me to get back on the wagon ..So I am going to make a Journal for her as well to help her Journal her Journey ..She has been such a great Freind to me Spritauly ..and has try to make sure I was not lonely and sad .She didnt turn me away when I asked questions ..she took time ( as we should ) to help me on MY journey with the LORD..I just love her for that and thats what it's all about ..So I want to give her a piece of my heart ,..As I do put my WHOLE heart in these, Thanks Patrica ..Then I have another WONDERFUL penpal who encourges me to be Creative and she said I had better put my Journals On my Blog . So here they are DANA ..Hope you all like them ..she has help me to have a little more confidence in my creative abilty..
On all the Journals I put the Angels on front and the botton says ( incase you cant read it ..)
"Be Careful Lest Ye Be Entertaning Angels , Unaware "
I think this is ver very important for all Christians ,to help one another , as I've reached out and been hurt ..This reminds me to not hurt others as you never know .....:)
I also Included the back of one Journal as there all pretty much the same
and the page I did toward the back for Prayers ...
Thanks for coming by ...and remember You Never Know

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cute Dress Cards

Okay are these the cutiet little cards ...I know they all look the same size but there not...The Green one is full size and the Yellow and Purple ,Yeah I know it doesnt look really purple but it is ..they are ATC size ,,there 31/4 by 2 1/4 there too adorable ... if you like and want the pattern Ill post if i get requests ..super simple , sorry I havent posted foe awhile but things happen like computer not working lol
Have a Blessed Day