Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cute Dress Cards

Okay are these the cutiet little cards ...I know they all look the same size but there not...The Green one is full size and the Yellow and Purple ,Yeah I know it doesnt look really purple but it is ..they are ATC size ,,there 31/4 by 2 1/4 there too adorable ... if you like and want the pattern Ill post if i get requests ..super simple , sorry I havent posted foe awhile but things happen like computer not working lol
Have a Blessed Day


Jennifer said...

Hiya! I picked up the current issue of Scrap & Stamp and saw your blog mentioned in the Pen Pal Exchange Section and I thought I would swing by!

I am a traditional Paper Scrapbooker and am getting into digi a little and have been getting into Card Making. I am going to try and get into rubber stamping more too!

I have a blog and am on facebook - any myspace but I am on facebook more...are you? I'm also on ReadySetCreate's forums...have you been there? It's a great place!

LOVE YOUR BLOG! Hope to see you around often! Swing by if you can...

Lim said...

Hi Diana,

Thank you for visiting my blog. These dress are so beautiful. I love it.
I was reading a little bit about you in your blog and I really wish you can feel better soon. I wish you the best!