Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Time

Okay so I know i havent been posting lately and I think I have been letting Depression and the lack of friends get to me ..But ya know I have GOD and so I need to start looking to him I will try and start adding more things to my blog and just have fun ..
If anyone is out there and look at this ole blog ..PLease lets have some in put,..I was thinking we could have a Recipe Exchange ...Good for you things ..Maybe do all Kind of Exchanges and we can put them on this here Blog for all to see..
Maybe at the Holidays if I can get a few of us together we could have Secret Sister and A special ATC exchange ...I was recently been given a blog to go to where this woman is just , well blow your mind away great with the Lord and she does a Scripture Challenge and then you make ATCs according to the word that week ..What a wonderful way to get the word into you and enjoying your craft as well ...
Go to here site .... Her name is Patter ,,you'll love it ..
and maybe we can do additional Scripture word ATC's that mean something to you ...I would just love to have another chance at making this a wonderful place to visit ..
God Bless

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