Monday, April 27, 2009

Candy Of All CANDY

I came across this Blog ..and Not only is this a very talented lady she also has the Blog Candy to beat all blog candy ..You must go ..a Look and be Amased haha
Huggs and Smiles

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Secret Sister Time Again

Sorry so late , but ive been , hummmmmmmmmm Ive been doing something hahaha
Anyway this is ( well she got it already ) for my Secret Sister trade ..I used Sugar Nellie , I just love those little girls, you just want to pinch there cheeks haha
anyway I used my copics and I had a piece of that lattice that I had someone cut for me years ago and tryed it ..I love it .I also used my Martha Stewart Butterfly Punch and some sparkles ...Im really liking my cards lately and there getting harder to give away ..BUT! if you dont give them away , what do you do with them ?? it will make people happy ..Right ?

Below are the Upclose shots of my card ..I always love seeing things up close , so thought others might like it as well ..I cant be the only one can I ?? lol

Thanks for coming by , hope you enjoyed ..
Hugs and Smiles

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dana's Card

So my buddy DANA was going to the Doc's and it was one of those Visits that wasnt going to be fun , so I told her I would make her a card and send her a goodie ..Well that was a few weeks ago and she just got it today ...So Im late , but I come through..hahah
Anyway I used my cute as a Button " Sugar Nellies " Stamp as it reminded me of her and I as we met thu the mail ...
I used my copics and I think Im coming along better now as a few things clicked over the last week and I just love how I was able to blend ALOT BETTER ..
Then I also used my crocheted flowers I made and a Butterfly charm ..I ljust love using the charms ...I just need to know where to get more ...

Below is the up close picture ...I got those Jewels at Michaels when I was in Co and they were getting rid of them and I wish I would had got more of them ..I love how it looks on this card ..

This is the indside of the card ..not much to write home about ..I really liked it when I sent it too her , but now On film , Im not so sure hahah Sorry Dana
I did use those pop up stickers..I have tons of sickers I never use and find there really great on the card insides ..
Well Hope you liked the card today and Im working on another ..Im not as quick as alot of people but enjoy it ..
Huggs and Smiles

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MOM's B-DAY Card

So My MOm just turned 80 and Yup her Birthday was on April 1st , Fools day hahaha
and of course I didnt have it made yet ..Hummmmmmmmmmmm could that be considered a Aprils Fool joke NOT GETTING your card on time ??? I think Ill work with that as I didnt mailed till I think the 4th ..
So I used these Cutie Patootie Sugar Nellies and I love Love love them ...
hope you enjoy ...

Here is the upclose and the upcloser hahaha ...Im getting better i think with my copics ... and I also made the Crocheted flowers ..I have been seeing them everywhere and like anything else if I want it I have to learn to make them , as nobody is close by to teach me ..I think for a first timer I did okay ...

Okay so below is the inside ..I should of made it better , but by this time I thought she would rather have the card ...hehehe

Hope you liked my card ..I will hopefully have a couple more in the next two days or so ..
Huggs and Smiles
Please tell people about my blog ...I would love it ..

Angel Company Calling All Crafters

I have this most exciting news ...I cant believe it, as usually this is just for Angel reps ...They are letting you enter your craft project to win Angel STAMPS ..Yup ! Grand prize and 100.00 worth of stamps ..YIKES! try it out ..
here is the link to go and get all info ...Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

contact me if you have any questions ...
Huggs and Smiles

Stamp Of The Month and Vintage sets

SO here the Angel Specials of them Month of April ..Just below is the Wonderful Vintage set ..These are stamps that they use to make and have pulled them out for a short time ...I have the boy ..But im taking part of this as I dont have the others and there so cute ...Hurry ladies only till the end of the month ..heehehe

TAC™ Promotions

Okay so below is the Stamp of the month for April 30th ....