Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dana's Card

So my buddy DANA was going to the Doc's and it was one of those Visits that wasnt going to be fun , so I told her I would make her a card and send her a goodie ..Well that was a few weeks ago and she just got it today ...So Im late , but I come through..hahah
Anyway I used my cute as a Button " Sugar Nellies " Stamp as it reminded me of her and I as we met thu the mail ...
I used my copics and I think Im coming along better now as a few things clicked over the last week and I just love how I was able to blend ALOT BETTER ..
Then I also used my crocheted flowers I made and a Butterfly charm ..I ljust love using the charms ...I just need to know where to get more ...

Below is the up close picture ...I got those Jewels at Michaels when I was in Co and they were getting rid of them and I wish I would had got more of them ..I love how it looks on this card ..

This is the indside of the card ..not much to write home about ..I really liked it when I sent it too her , but now On film , Im not so sure hahah Sorry Dana
I did use those pop up stickers..I have tons of sickers I never use and find there really great on the card insides ..
Well Hope you liked the card today and Im working on another ..Im not as quick as alot of people but enjoy it ..
Huggs and Smiles


DanaBee said...

This card is beautiful Lady D how dare you doubt yourself.I love it its perfect.

audrey(txpackrat) said...

I love this card!!! So, so pretty!