Sunday, May 2, 2010

My New Lil Baby

So I would like to Introduse you to the Newest member of our family Mickey ...That goes with our other Goat Maggie ..Mikey and Maggie , Mickey and Maggie Im saying it as a ryhme hahah Im so easily entertained ....So here goes the Story ..He is a Newbin Breed and I have been wanting a baby one for like ever ...But there 200.00 and I can afford that..So my Motto is " It Dont Hurt to Ask " so we have a paper around here where you can place adds for free and you should see the wierd stuff people put it there ..Like Have Car , Runs great needs engine " now how can that be?? hummmmm oh well on to my story again hehe...I put " want New Born Newbein Goat will pay 50.00 ...I thought why not and the add was getting old and I figured No one would call now , But low and Behold I got a call and this girl and her hubby raise them and 5 kids as well and needed the money and so there you have my New Baby ,,,I can sit out there and hold him and he cuddles me and loves me and it blows me away ..I love him ...I want to bring him inside and sleep with me and my dogs but Vinny says NO .Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm why is that you think ..hhahah anyway here he is and I am in love again ..I NEVER thought I could feel this way about a goat ..

So here are some more Pic's of my LIL Baby ...He's just so Cute ..Dont you think ???

Thanks for letting me tell you my story
Hugs and Smiles

Journal Book Mark

So here is the Boolmark I made to go with the Journal below and I love how it came out ..After I colored with my copics I did Lamanate it So it would be good for along time ..then added the Raffia around the top and the flowwer I made ..I think it completes the whole thing ...

Up close of my Mosse Bookmark ....

Up close of the rustic flower ...Well thats what im calling it anyway hehehe

Hope you liked it and thanks for stoping by
Hugs and Smiles Diana

Moose Journal

So here is a Journal I made for a Lady as we did a Barter Thing , You give me this and Ill give you that type I made her this Journal and the card below .I covered a Composition Book and use two stamps trees and Moose and darn if I dont remember where I got them colored with copics and used that tape stuff in the back of picture hahaha I have had it forever and forget whats it called how funny ,,I knew tho that one day I would use it ...How funny .
I also added a Button on the front I also had forever that says bass creek or something like that ..Man I hate getting older Gezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

My Up Close and Personal ....

Hope you Likey
Hugs Diana


This is an Angel company Stamp I have had for like ever and didnt use ..I need to make a card as I trade something with this lady that lives around here for this and a Journal...I colored with copics ..I coved chipborad stars with paper and inked edges and I had that Belt cilp thingy there I got a bunch for 50cents I got to finally use them haha ..Western is not my thing but i think it came out cute ..Who knew I could do western hhaha

Here is my up close and personal picture ...

Hugs and Smiles