Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thank You

So I know I have been gone awhile ..part of it is im going threw that tired thing again and its been rough ( vitamin d and Diabets yuck)But I have still been busy ..coloring ..
So we have started a New Church " Clavery Chapel" I use to go to one in Co and thought all was lost when we couldnt find a church here so I gave up going to church and was pretty sad about it too . But God showed us this one and Now we are happy campers hahah YEAAAAAAAAA
Anyway we went to a barbaeque they had and it was so nice ..we havent been around people in along time and were very lonely ..These people have no idea , NONE how much that day meant to us ...
Well I needed to thank the sweet sweet woman that opened her house to everyone ..
So here is my card ..Colored with Copics ..and decorated with charms , jeweleryfindings , doily and flowers Also I have a SPECIAL ANGEL (who shall not be named ) teaching me to highlight ect I hope I done her proud ....AnyHoo This card seemed to bring a smile to her ..for that I am happy ..Hope you enjoy .I know I did making it ..and I will always remember that day .

Upclose and personal

Here is the inside

Hugs and Smiles

Dana"s Prayer Shwal

So I dont know if anyone has heard of Prayer Shawls , but i make them for people who are going threw a rough time ..I want them surrounded by Gods love ..So I made one for a computer Buddy Dana..
Hubby is modleing it , so he kinda has a sour face , so I had to cut his head off hahah but he is a good sport tho ..
Its heavy one to keep her warm and toasty in the winter months ..

Hope you like
Thanks for coming
Hugs and Smiles