Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bible Study Journals

Okay , so we finally found a CHURCH to go to and they have Womans Bible Study on Mondays with a lovely bunch of woman ...I am so happy to have found them . So I thought I would make them each a Journal for Prayer Ect. Well I have only got 5 of them made and will take them tomarrow in hopes they will like them and man I still have about 7 to go ...I also Have a WONDEFUL pen-pal who's doing WEIGHT Watchers and has inspired me to get back on the wagon ..So I am going to make a Journal for her as well to help her Journal her Journey ..She has been such a great Freind to me Spritauly ..and has try to make sure I was not lonely and sad .She didnt turn me away when I asked questions ..she took time ( as we should ) to help me on MY journey with the LORD..I just love her for that and thats what it's all about ..So I want to give her a piece of my heart ,..As I do put my WHOLE heart in these, Thanks Patrica ..Then I have another WONDERFUL penpal who encourges me to be Creative and she said I had better put my Journals On my Blog . So here they are DANA ..Hope you all like them ..she has help me to have a little more confidence in my creative abilty..
On all the Journals I put the Angels on front and the botton says ( incase you cant read it ..)
"Be Careful Lest Ye Be Entertaning Angels , Unaware "
I think this is ver very important for all Christians ,to help one another , as I've reached out and been hurt ..This reminds me to not hurt others as you never know .....:)
I also Included the back of one Journal as there all pretty much the same
and the page I did toward the back for Prayers ...
Thanks for coming by ...and remember You Never Know


Heather said...

those are gorgous! The ladies will love them DIana! I taught a class for my bible study girls and they all made their own prayer journals. It was fun and thy could not beleive how easy it was to dress up a composition book!

Love your little dress cards too too cute!

Patter Cross said...

These turned out great! The ladies will love them. What a wonderful gift!

Marlou said...

Hi Diana, thanks for visiting me and taking the time to read my posts :) I suffer from an illness called bipolar disorder {manic depression}, I dont talk about it really on my blog, so tiredness is just one of the symtoms I suffer from when my mood dips. I also am a Christian and I get great strength from The Lord, loving your cute creations, take care, Marlou :)

Jennifer said...

I lost your email address already! Sorry about that! Can you swing by and comment me with it again when you have time...sorry!