Friday, May 2, 2008

RAK ( Random Act Of Kindness)

Blowing Kisses

OKay so I MUST share this with you took me awhile as I had to stop crying first ...I must admitt I havent lived where I could have any friends ,so I havent enjoyed anybody for over 6 years now( ya know go have coffe and giggle like little school girls ) and kids dont write there in there own world I wont even hear from them on Mothers day, and so I can get very , very lonely & sad ....Sometimes you think nobody cares ...then an ANGEL is sent your way ...

Today a lady I trade ATC's with ,knew I was trying my best to do Weight Watchers and today I recieve a Package from her and I couldnt amagine what it could be , way to big for ATC's. Well she sent me W.W. Recipes and not only did she send me 15 of them , but each on a 6x6 card , decorated and everything.Well you just dont know hown special that made me feel ., Someone actually thought of me Diana Molinaro...I cryed for along time ...NOw you may think, and she probally did as well that it was no big deal ...BUt to me It was like a WHOLE BIG DEAL and me feel like someone cared enough to do all that and That someone actually thought of me ...and well to me it was like Christmas .

So All's I can say is the next time you think of someone and you think maybe this little card or something aint no big deal and then decide not to do it ..

Please do cuz it might be just what God wants you to do for that person and may effect that person in a BIG WAY...I know it did me and Robin I thank God for you ..YOUR MY ANGEL

Thanks ! Blow Kiss

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