Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cow Babies feeding

So okay we have to start with FARMER VINNY show you how big the bottles are even tho he didnt smile , hes kinda cute ...not the cows Vinny hahaha
If it werent for him and the hard work he does we wouldnt have are cows cuz im a wossie girl hahaha ...
anyway we had to feed them EACH two bottles morning and night and ONE in the Afternoon ..WOW! but now there Finally ready for Hay and Grain ...YIPPY ! cheaper ..

NOw arent these the cutiest faces EVER! you can tell im a proud Mama hehehe

Double fisted feeding hahaha This isnt easy ..believe me but someone had to take the Picture ...If you ever seen cows feeding off there mom they hit her utter and might I add very hard and so they do the same thing on the bottle and if your not holding on you will loose the bottle and get thrown back ...on your keester hahaha

Hope you enjoyed the photos
Hugs and Smiles

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Trudy Osborn said...

I am so glad this is you and not me! I like to visit farms, but I don't want to live them. Enjoy! They get so big so fast