Saturday, September 19, 2009

Work Shop at the Barn

This is the WONDERFUL nice place to have sandwitches and soup and the BEST pastrys EVER !!!...
Anyway they ( being the onwner Marri and her Mother Theresa) asked me to give a workshop On the 14th Of Oct ...and Of couse I was EXCITED ..and they also aske me to display some cards to sell ...I was overwhelemed with joy and a tinch of fright ..But anyway needless to say im working my butt off tying to make cards and kits for my demo ...So ill start showing some of the cards I have dislayed for sale..
Input welcome ..

Okay I hope you can see the images below ..they are the rack for my cards to be displayed , made by my Hubby Vinny's simple but quite cute ..he has arrows threw the pole and thats what hangs my cards and mid way is the rack so I can display other things I might make ...
Nice to have a handy man hahaha

Thanks for stopping By
Hugs and Smiles


Trudy Osborn said...

Nice to see you posting on here again!

Vinnie is amazing! Love the idea of using arrows...keeps it so rustic

DanaBee said...

Diana, I love your cards and your rack I wish my hubby was able to build things.I love the way you packaged the cards.