Thursday, May 7, 2009

We HAd Babies !!!!

Okay So Today we went and Got our babies off the Farm YIPPY !!!! They are both like
a day old and so we will have to Bottle feed them ....
So here I am a CITY girl ..waaaaaaaaaaaaaay City Girl and well you would of laughed at me big time if you saw me ..They asked me what kind I wanted and I said I wanted a BROWN one ..Well I guess those ole farmers thought that was funny ...But I got what I wanted ..hehehehe ...He is so cutie Patootie and when our eyes met and I knew it was Love hahaha ..So we get Home and Vinny takes the brown one out ( we dont have names for them Yet ) and took it to the fenced area we have and left me in the back with the other one...No biggie , Im bigger than this old baby , Right ?? well it started Bucking and running and mooing and I had a leash on it and was Yelling to Vince to get back here ...I cryed like a Baby ..Okay I didnt cry , but it was funny ..I just didnt want anyone to drive by and see me trying to handle a little baby cow ...
I know ill be the Talk of this Town ..But you have to admitt ..There Cute ...
Ill show the bottle later and face close ups you gotta see them ..
thanks for letting me share
Hugs and Smiles


Friday Sketcher Design Team said...

oooh myyyy.. i love the pics.
when i was little i spent almost every weekend on the farm and it was the BEST time i have had or my mom could give me.
gosh.. i remember giving the calves my hands in the mouth.,... scary and tickelish at the same time.
ooh.. and nothing better than frozen cow milk off the can in winter times :-)

thanks for sharing Diana

Trudy Osborn said...

Aww! Precious! Do you have to get up and feed them at night like a human baby?

MichelleO said...

Simply adorable! You are a farmer now girl!

DanaBee said...

Well Diana they sure are cute, I can't imagine what it would be like to feed one of them

Debbie Olson said...

Diana, I had a calf named Buttons whom I bottle-fed for quite a while--good luck!