Friday, May 8, 2009

Babies Up CLose & Personal ")

Okay so Im a proud MOMMY ..I just love them ..I thought yesterday tho I was gonna give up .trying to get them fed was a crazy mess ...They wouldnt eat , no matter what we did ..Then Finally they drank a whole bottle ..Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeew ...My back hurt so bad it was crazy ...
Okay so today was a snap and so fun to feed they took to it like a duck to water and were really hungry made me feel good to see them eat ..they were too skinny , but what should I expect them just being hatched ( Hummmmmmmmm is that right hehehe)
Okay so now I know when a Dairy guy asked me what kind of Cow I want I know to say a Gurnsey thats the Brown one name BUSTER my baby ...and the Black and white one is a HOLSTEIN ..that is CHECKERS my hubbys ...
To tell you the truth tho I would probally say again I want a brown one hhehehe

This is "CHECKERS" my hubbys baby ..He wont come out much of his hut ..I think he feels safe in there...

Below Is my "BUSTER BEAR" cow babie up close and Personl ..Reminds me of a Deer, dont he ??

This is a Picture ( Not a Great Picture ..Of the bottle we have to use to feed them ..They drink about 3 each a day ...Too fun .

HOpe you enjoy My Babies as MUch as I enjoy Shareing ...DOnt forget below I added some more cards ..
Hugs and Smiles

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