Sunday, January 25, 2009

Playing Possum

Okay so for days now we have been hearing alot of banging in the bathroom ..It would mostly happen at night ..I would go to find my Hubby on the floor over the heating vent bangging back at this creature .Trying to figure out what it was ..It was trying to push its way through the vent ..My Husbad , The great white Hunter that he is, poked a hole in the vent to see what it could be ..Sure enough they were eyeball to eyeball ..Too funny ..
So now what to do ..we ran across a person who lives a few houses down and they had a live trap ..and so you can see what we caught ..a HUGE possum ..The guys were very nice to take hin off our hands ..I was so scared ..This thing is icky and it hisses at you ..
So now we can sleep at night right ??? that would be a NO a Big NO
he left his girlfriend behind I guess or boyfriend who can tell these days ..") so she is more clever tho , it took us two nites to catch her ..So we can only pray they are all gone now and we will have no more run in's with these guys ...I want to go back to CO ...
Help !
Thought Id share my little adventure ..

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Trudy Osborn said...

Oh my Diana! That is too funny! At least it is funny from a distance.

Hope they didn't have any babies!!