Thursday, March 26, 2009

Precious Secret Sister

Okay so it was Secret Sister time and I have been wanting to use my precious Moments stamps I have had for a LOng while ...I love these stamps ..Anyway I had to wait till she got her card before I put it on my blog ..
I know I have been slow , but I have had a spring cold and I have two birthday cards to make and I want to start Easter cards ....
I used my copics on this and I love them , still learning .YIKES! then I have been loveing the crocheted flowers I have been seeing and Im a beginner at crocheting , but Ive taught myself everything else , so why not these and I think they came out okay for a beginner (SMILE, SMILE ) and used a rose in the middle ,,,and the rest is just self Explanitory ( DID I spell that right ???HUmmm)

So here Is the up close Picture ..I love this stamp ..Of course I love all cutesy stamps I think ...
U can see the botton I found in my stash for this card , how cool is that hehehe

Hope you liked my card and Liked what you saw ...
have A Blessed and Wonderful Day

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Trudy Osborn said...

What a precious card!!! Love it.

I also like your stamping space. It is larger than mine, and one of these days, when I have it all together like I want I will take pics and share them. I still want to paine, put in shelves, and a countertop. The whole room is about 4 foot by maybe 9 if I push it...but I like it a lot better than the kitchen table that I had been using.